WITTE là thành viên của tập đoàn KIRCHHOFF, chuyên trách mảng công cụ cầm tay. WITTE có lịch sử lâu đời, bắt đầu từ thế kỷ 18, năm 1785 với khởi xướng chế tác công cụ tại Đức. Người sáng lập của tập đoàn là Stephan WITTE. Ngày nay WITTE sở hữu bởi tập đoàn KIRCHHOFF đã có 4 thế hệ với 4 mảng kinh doanh chủ đạo gồm KIRCHHOFF Automotive, KIRCHHOFF Ecotec, KIRCHHOFF Mobility and WITTE Tools. KNOWLEDGE.VALUES.CHANGE.

– these are the fundamental principles that are also the motive force behind the rise and further development of the Group. They unite the more than 13,000 employees in the Group in line with our mission statement: Chúng tôi vươn tới tương lai.

WITTE Tools continues to be rated as one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of premium handtools. The WITTE brand name is a byword for high-grade screwdrivers, bits, pliers and cutters that are supplied worldwide to partners in industry & the trades and specialist distributors.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive is a respected development partner of the automotive industry and focuses on complex metal and hybrid structures for bodywork and chassis. We are available worldwide as a full-service supplier.

KIRCHHOFF Ecotec is the European market leader for waste collection vehicles, street sweepers, and lifters. This division was the first manufacturer to produce a fully integrated hybrid waste collection vehicle.

KIRCHHOFF Mobility is one of the leading suppliers of individual vehicle conversions to enable people with disabilities to be more mobile and independent.
It all started with a needle
Back in 1785, WITTE started manufacturing needles for textile applications, saddlers and shoemakers. Soon, they were supplying customers worldwide. With production standing at 10 million pins and needles per year at the beginning of the 19th century, by the middle of that century, this expanding family concern was manufacturing two million per day with its staff of 1200 and was a leading producer in its field.
The sophisticated art of the screwdriver
As mechanisation threatened to an increasing extent to replace tailors, saddlers and shoemakers, WITTE had already made itself a name as a manufacturer of tools for the nascent automotive and wagon manufacturing industries. During this period, the company developed the product that has continued to form the main basis of its success right up to today: the screwdriver. Since that initial period, WITTE has continuously perfected that tool like no other manufacturer – with the aid of unrelenting innovation, maximum attention to ergonomic design and materials and, of course, peak quality made in Germany.
Quality from Germany
German engineering skills and craftsmanship have been recognised the world over for many a year. Long before the “Made in Germany” slogan underlined the fact, WITTE was renowned for its core values such as innovation, accuracy and reliability that are central to Germany. These are virtues that we uphold to the same extent as our commitment to Germany as a manufacturing location – both these aspects are indispensable parts of our identity and quality philosophy.
Tools with tradition
Witte is located right at the heart of the European tool-producing region: on the edges of the Bergisch Land, which is the region that is famous for the centuries-old tradition of wire processing and tool manufacture and still today a pacesetter in the worldwide tool market. WITTE is dedicated to maintaining that heritage.
PRO Tools
PRO Tools by WITTE will make any professional user’s heart beat that little bit faster because those tools are, without doubt, among the best the market has to offer. The quality series for daily professional use stands out because of its ergonomically designed handles: the sculpted longitudinal contour optimises contact pressure and promotes strain-free working. The screwdriver handles are made up of three plastic components and ensure excellent grip.

Sophisticated: The central section of the PRO screwdriver handle – the spin zone – is shaped using a well-rounded triangular form. This enables the user to apply optimum force transmission, which reduces the amount of effort required to do the job. Fast screw tightening and unscrewing are facilitated by the extended multifunction zone.
Robust: WITTE PRO bits offer consistently high quality standards due to our state-of-the-art production systems. The complex hardening process guarantees permanent hardness of 59–61 HRC to meet tough requirements in industry and the trades.
High-grade: Additionally induction hardened cutters, ergonomically designed 2-component handles and high-quality materials are notable features of the WITTE PRO series of pliers and cutters.

MAXX Tools
MAXX Tools – the ideal tools for professionals – when the best is just good enough. The design of the MAXX tightening tools and MAXX pliers & cutters is based on the latest research techniques in the field of occupational science, ergonomic design and material science. Shape, hand-picked materials, ergonomic design, workmanship and physics all combine here to make a perfect tool. The result is that, if only minimum force is applied, MAXX tools can transmit the highest possible force more effectively. In any situation.

Forceful: Ergonomics in its purest form is a feature of the MAXX range. The characteristic triangular shape of MAXX screwdriver grips provides not only the ergonomically ideal torque angle of 120°, these are also the only screwdrivers on the market in which the shape of the grip is not merely “zoomed” to produce the various sizes. Each MAXX screwdriver from WITTE boasts the ideal grip size that is specially developed as the correct ergonomic design for optimum force transmission.
Durable: Thoroughly hardened and tempered materials enhance not only the appearance of the tool but also its functionality. At the same time, they guarantee extremely long service lifetimes and ensure user satisfaction while they work. Quality that pays for itself.
Uncompromising: The outstanding craftsmanship used in every detail coupled with the highest grade materials dispels any doubts that, thanks to their specially constructed highperformance joints, S-shaped handles with multicomponent grips and additionally induction hardened cutters, the WITTE MAXX series of pliers and cutters are a byword for perfect ergonomic design, firm-grip materials, optimised force transmission and long service lifetimes.

WITTE MAXX screwdrivers
– Certified by the IGR as an “ergonomic product”. WITTE MAXX screwdrivers have been extensively tested by the independent IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics with regard to usability and ergonomics and have been successfully certified to DIN 33419 / EN ISO 15537.

– Ergonomically shaped triangular form: Perfect ergonomic design for maximum force transmission. Soft component: Enhance grip and provide better control of the tightening action. Convenient hanging hole: For best organisation in the workshop. Multifunction zone: The extended multifunction zone allows faster screw tightening and unscrewing. Permanent blade identification: Durable marking on the blade ensures fast, accurate choice of the right screwdriver. High-grade steel that is made in Germany: Hardened and tempered, extremely tough special steel guarantees optimum force transmission and long service lives. Black tip: Accurately finished tips provide peak protection against corrosion and guarantee accuracy and correct fit.

– Demanding craftsmen and craftswomen need tools that do not make compromises: MAXX. The sculpted longitudinal contour of the ergonomically designed grips allows high axial forces to be applied to the screw without excessive effort. This generates high contact pressure while effectively preventing cam-out. The soft component on the edges of the grip supports a snug fit and helps to generate maximum torque.

– Exclusively available from WITTE: four handle sizes and shapes to match each size of screw head. Our grips are not merely “pinch zoomed” for the next size but individually shaped for the correct contour, centre of gravity and form.

– The lower the required torque, the more round the grip cross-section to enable faster, accurate turns. The greater the required torque, the larger the grip, so it lies snugly in the hand and guarantees safe, accurate application of force.

– The benefits

Tried-and-tested three-sided shape corresponds to the hand’s ideal tightening angle (120°)
The spin zone made of softer material makes working with the tool faster and more satisfying
Matt chrome-plated, permanently marked blades made of hardened and tempered special steel in all profiles
Black tips guarantee peak accuracy and correct fit

MAXX Plus screwdrivers
– Certified as ergonomic: Tested by the independent IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics
– Patented, non-slip microfibre coating: Guarantees better grip and less slippage even with oily or moist hands
– Whenever work is required in moist or oily environments, the quality of the tools really counts. And that applies particularly to tightening tools that offer a firm grip in tough conditions, protect the worker’s hands against slipping off and transfer force in the most efficient way. MAXX Plus screwdrivers are designed to excel in these conditions – from the microfibre coating and firm-grip soft handle components to effective protection against rolling
MAXX VDE screwdrivers
– Certified as ergonomic. Tested by the independent IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics
– Insulated blade to DIN ISO EN 60900: For safe working up to 1000 volts. Every single VDE screwdriver is individually tested for compliance with VDE regulations before it is dispatched
– Best grip and outstanding ergonomic design guarantee excellent force transmission. Together with first-rate tips, this adds up to peak accuracy at the point of contact with the screw – even at voltages up to 1000 volts, because every individual screwdriver is tested in a dip-tank up to 10,000 volts in accordance with VDE requirements.

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