190010 Bộ máy khoan pin REMS Helix VE Set

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Mã: 190010

Giá từ: 12.000.000
(Giá chỉ mang tính tham khảo)

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Mô tả

REMS Helix VE Set. Cordless power drill/screwdriver with Vario-Electronics (VE)
for drilling in steel, stone, ≤ Ø 10 mm, wood ≤ Ø 28 mm and other materials and
for driving in/loosening screws ≤ Ø 7 mm. Drive machine with keyless quick
chuck, clamping range 0.8 – 10 mm, right and left hand rotation. Electromechanical
drive with powerful battery motor 14.4 V, 300 W, 2-step robust planetary gear.
2 continuously adjustable speed ranges from 0 to 300 rpm and 0 to 1,250 rpm,
25 torque stages plus drilling stage, high torque of 31 Nm in the low speed range.
Safety switch. Integrated LED work light. Belt clip. Li-Ion 14.4 V, 1.6 Ah battery,
Li-Ion/Ni-Cd 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 65 W rapid charger. 1 bit with double blade
slot/cross-head, 50 mm long. In carrying bag.

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